Jurassic World

Developer: Microgaming

Take a trip to the Jurassic World theme park, where dinosaurs roam the earth once more. Spot a vast range of different dinos, and unlock free spins rounds packed with features which could net you 14,000x your bet! Play at Slotty Slots now.



On a mysterious uninhabited island, scientists have perfected the DNA coding required to bring dinosaurs back to life! These giant lizards are a magnificent sight, though they could be extremely dangerous if they escape their enclosures. In Microgaming’s fun video slot, based on the 2015 movie sequel, you enter this fascinating theme park yourself and explore the different zones, spotting dinosaurs as you go. Can you lure out the fearsome Indominus Rex? This incredible predator could net you 1000x your win on any spin!

How to play Jurassic World

The game is played on a set of five reels, with 243 betways reading left to right. Wins are made by matching symbols across at least the first three reels, with higher rewards for combinations on four or five reels. Set your bet (between 0.30 and 36.00 per spin) and hit the button to watch the reels turn! Jurassic World is set inside the famous theme park, with the reels styled as a computer screen with loading lights panning down during each spin.

The game’s symbols include the lead characters from the movie - Vic, Simon, Claire and Owen. The higher paying symbols are the real stars of the film, however: these are the dinosaurs you can encounter during your trip to Jurassic World. They include the pterodactyl, the stegosaurus, the ankylosaurus, the velociraptor, and the Tyrannosaur - plus the adventure park’s highlight, the genetically engineered Indominus Rex. This is the highest paying standard symbol, and the dinosaur also makes an appearance in a random feature that can trigger during any spin and multiply any wins by up to 1000x.

The final symbols to watch out for are the bug encased in amber, and the Jurassic World logo. The latter is the game’s main wild symbol, and it will appear in stacks to create some very big wins indeed!

Bonus Rounds

Free spins are won whenever three or more amber scatter symbols are won. These scatters turn wild with two anywhere on the reels, and pay a big win for four or five in a spin. Each bonus trigger also gives ten free spins on one of the following three rounds:

Creation Lab, with Rolling Reels and sticky wilds

Raptor Den, with all scatters wild and the chance to grab extra spins

Gyrosphere Valley, with a progressive multiplier on non-win spins

The type of bonus is given at random for the first fifteen triggers over lifetime play, but after this milestone is reached, the player gets to choose which bonus they would like to play! Free Spins cannot be triggered again during the rounds, though extra spins can be won in Raptor Den and Gyrosphere Valley plays until a win occurs on the final spin.

Play Jurassic World at Slotty Slots Casino

Whether you are a big fan of the movie or you just love feature filled slots, Jurassic World is a solid game that is well worth a few spins. It has some serious big win potential, with a top prize of £510,000 on offer: not bad for a mid-variance slot! Microgaming has put a lot of effort into the design and story here, referencing the film at every turn. If you are brave enough to step onto this island of dinosaurs and turn those reels, you might just spot that Indominus - and land yourself a cool win in the process!



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